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Working From Home? 9 Office Designs For You!

Here are some home office designs for two people or more!


1. This office design is simple, with a lot of great storage, fully stocked with office supplies, and great windows to let in natural light and gaze through to give your eyes a break from the computer screens!


2. This office for multiple people is located in such a great place in the house! Do you have that nook by your staircase that is not large enough for a room but too large to just stand empty? Instead of putting some bookcases there, build in an office space!


3. This office is facing the window, allowing natural light in, and the orange accents match the yard furniture outside! Each worker has their own workspace but against the same wall so they are able to share ideas over their computer screens while enjoying the beautiful view! There is also great storage space, which is important in any office.



4. This office is great because the chairs do not take up too much space. Each worker does not have much of their own workspace – but you can adjust that to your need. If you do not need more than a computer screen to work, then that is enough! And their shelving supplies for great storage space for the technical books necessary.



5. This home office designer took off the closet door and used the walk-in closet space as an additional work space! Genius! The chairs look comfortable and the design is clean and beautiful.


6. A multi-person work space that does not take up much room, with plenty of storage and personal workspace, and large doors to let some air in!



7. An office workspace in the home can also be built for family reasons and not just professional work space. It can be used to separate computer time from family time, and organize your children’s homework and focus area, teaching them crucial life balancing lessons.



8. This home office has a fun, bright color -bright blue. There are also boards to write notes and announcements on, a group work space, and side desk for personal work. The bright work lamps along with the large window are a great way to ensure great lighting for work time.



9. If each worker needs a lot of personal space and privacy but you need to work in the same room, it may be smart to separate the room into two separate sides and sit back to back. It may prevent distractions and gives each worker more personal space – including personal storage space!


These many examples should help you figure out what your priorities are in you work area and what your design preferences are. We hope these ideas helped jog your creativity and inspired you to go and design your own office for more!

If you are looking for more examples and ideas, check out our photo gallery below.