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Wooden House Interior Design Inspiration

Wood is one of the best natural house material that simply characterizes the eco-friendliness and reflects the attitude of “back to nature” life. Since the wooden house design is a right choice of natural concept that is friendly to the environment, many people switch their housing concept into the timber-based home concept as a form of the concern for the environment.

Besides the exterior part, the interior design has to be carefully designed based on the wooden house concept. A harmonious mix between the interior and the facade of the house will make your house look eye-catching. Especially, if your house concept is a minimalist house concept, the arrangement and the decoration of the interior have to be matched with the entire house concept.

The house interior surely includes the living room. You can design it with the rounds, boxes or geometric ornament texture. As the first access to the living room TV, it would be better if you display some murals or antique collection in a simple cabinet. If you want your minimalist house has the accent of the traditional impression, you can beautify your wooden minimalist house concept with some wooden artistic handicrafts, or put on or two teak chairs along with the table.

It is not necessary for any coloring option in a your wooden interior design. Because, the natural color of the wood, for example teak wood or mahogany wood, is enough to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the interior. But if you still want to enhance your interior design, integrate the wallpaper with simple and natural texture in order to fit with the ambience of the wooden interior design.

For the lighting, use the geometric-shaped p, round, square, or a prism pendant. While for the dining chairs, which are usually equipped with high backing structures, you can integrate the chenille or creme color.

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