Paint Colors

Why You Should Incorporate Cobalt Blue In Your Home

Cobalt Blue is a bold color that is sure to add energy to your home design. Incorporate it in any of the following ways, or any combination of them.


Let’s start with the kitchen. The kitchen is a perfect place to incorporate this exciting color. Choose a cobalt blue oven, or multiple cobalt blue appliances.

You can also bring this color in your kitchen with your back splash. Cobalt blue tiles make a dramatic style statement. You can mix the cobalt blue with other shades of blue for an interesting look.

Cover your entire bathroom with cobalt blue tiles for an elegant look. In the room below, the designer incorporated a crystal chandelier to take the look to the next level.

Wall paint is both the easiest and most dramatic way to use the color in your home design. For a funky look pair the cobalt blue with other bright colors.

Cobalt blue furniture also makes an interesting design statement. This looks best paired with furniture of dark mahogany.

For a more moderate look, find some key pieces with the color in it, and use them as decorative accents. If you keep the rest of your design neutral, the color will stand out.