White Kitchen Color Trends

Kitchen is at times considered to be the heart of your house. If it does not promote an enjoyable and pleasing environment then the house becomes a mess. Color trends always play an essential role when it comes to shaping a room and giving it, its look.


Sophistication and multifunction aside, the kitchen is a place for sharing home-style amenities.


Nothing renews a kitchen faster than a wash of white paint. For a light, crisp look, brush white paint overall, walls, woodwork, cabinets, ceiling, even the framed art or cook work on display.


Vibrant colors and pastels are also at home in the kitchen; just prepare the surfaces meticulously before you paint so the look will be as fresh as the color.

Small kitchen islands are greatly in style, they help embrace a feel of elegance and class.



The white walls can be complimented by the white slab on the kitchen island. This combination would promote a feel of harmony and help to bring the whole look together. The great thing about white is that it can work with a variety of colors.

So instead of playing it safe you can have fun with a great range of designs. White kitchens are also in trend because they give the room a spacious look and when you’re working in a small space a clustered and congested feeling is the last thing you want on your mind with all that cooking and heat