White Bedroom Design Ideas

When it comes to designing your bedroom you need to know about furniture selection, color or schemes, fabrics, room arranging, lighting, window, walls and floor treatments. Designing bedrooms can be both enjoyable and difficult.

When you want your bedroom to reflect elegance and sophistication you should go for the lighter hues and in particular pay attention to the white and light shades. White floral fabric and lace make a pretty pair.

A shirred, scalloped valance crowns lace Priscilla curtain just adds to the beauty of the room.


Reversing the curtains so the ruffle falls along the outside would help perk up the look. Furnishing may represent the cast of characters in your decorating drama, but the walls and ceilings, as the all-important backdrop set the scene.

Sometimes a white wall just isn’t enough to portray class and grace, to attain that you need to work with wallpapers.

From delicate floral to bold geometric and from tailored strips to artistic faux, all can be used to achieve a decorative focal point to add interest to a dull room. When you’re working with white it’s not the amount of space you have that counts; it’s the imaginative way you use it.

Choosing the all-important focal point around which the furniture will revolve around in the initial step to designing your bedroom.