Wall Design

Wall Color Trends

Colors shift and evolve like oil on water. This year brings back the era of rich and deep shades which once mimicked the enchanting reflection of darkest night sky in the bedrooms.

Accent pieces can be applied with trendier color like acid green or amethyst. Predictions are that in the next year, neutral colors will continue to prosper.

Chocolate brown is the perfect paint selection for walls because of its rich and elegant touch while simple shades of brown will continue to be on the top of the list for almost every other category whether it is industrial or home interior.

The unique and lovely yellow color will unfortunately decline and will be replaced by elegant gold. Accessorize your walls with modest but vibrant details.

Spacious and massive living area would look extremely stylish with a mixture of brown and white wall color to make the atmosphere feel cozy.

Children’s space can be brightened up with shades of turquoise on the wall with brown stripes, brown carpet and brown sofa with additional comfortable cushion.

Your individual zone like library or study could be renovated with a brick walled or textured design to bring a more classical and contrasting feel.

Light brown colors might seem dull or boring however gives an essence of reliability and loyalty and a fresh cozy look to the interior.