Home Design

Velvet: The Limitless Fabric

Velvet is a fabric with an unmistakable luxurious and elegant quality about it. It is also versatile style wise, it can be applied in fun colors to add spunk to any room, or in deep hues to add drama.

This turquoise couch is the perfect example of using a bright hued velvet fabric to add a wild element to the room. While the rest of the decorative elements in the room are classic and muted, this couch alone immediately adds cheer to the room.

Here’s an example of another velvet couch, except this one is a much darker blue. With the majority of the room being white and of neutral tones, the velvet couch adds a classy touch.Velvet curtains add the perfect element of drama to doorways. The long draping stretches of the fabric draw attention, and moves the eye from one room to the other.

Velvet backboards create a strong focal point in your bedroom, and will give your bed a soft and plush touch. Choose a neutral or calm tone for a sophisticated look, or a bright color such as magenta for a fun touch.

Dining Room furniture is another great way to incorporate some velvet accents into your design, usually with dining room chair upholstery. Once again, choose a bright color of velvet such as the purple pictured below to add flare to your room, or a deep color to add elegance.