Living Room

Using Windows To Your Advantage

Windows may seem like just another part of your house design, getting in the way of bookcases and furniture. But you can truly use the shape of the windows, their placement, and the light they provide to your advantage.

Whether you have a lovely garden, a breathtaking view, or a unique location -windows can have quite an effect on your living space.


Here are some beautiful examples of things people have done with their location and window space:


1. Location, Location, Location!

2. Window placement as art: You can design your window placement in an artistic way to frame your surroundings while bringing natural light in.

3. City Living: Even if you live in a smog filled city in a small apartment, having a large window out over the city brings direct natural light in and makes your place look bigger!

4. Expand your living space: Make is seem as though your backyard is just an extension of your living room to make the whole house look more spacious.

5. Show off your beautiful garden.

6. Feel the power of your surroundings.

7. Use the shape of your window to add some character to a room.