Home Design

Unique Interior Design Trends

This season, get creative when updating your home designTraditional, subtle home accents are things of the past. Choose bold, eye-catching styles and give your home an update!

Retro is in! Retro appliances and furniture add a pop of color and flare to your space. Incorporate some of them into your living spaces for a funky look. Or, go bold and try a black and white retro kitchen. There’s nothing that says retro like the dramatic contrast between black and white combined with retro appliances.

Create the feel of a forest in your home with chunky, rustic wood furniture and accessories and leaf motifs. This look is the perfect autumn update. Try pine cone candle holders for a truly in the woods vibe.

Grouped mirrors make a bold statement on any wall. Try this look in your living room, dining roombedroom, or even your kitchen. For a feminine touch try mirrors in punched leather frames, for a lace-like soft look.

This year everyone’s going green, and we’re not talking about recycling. Try bringing plants into your home, and a lot of them.  Try backdrops constructed of moss for a solid green look in any room your please. The more your space resembles a green house, the better!

Glass is being used for everything this season. Kitchen back splashes, counter-tops, fire places and room decor of all sorts. There’s something about the material that just gives off a cool vibe, so give it a try.