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Tropical Interior Design

Design your home by combining luxurious elements characterizing the Tropical atmosphere for a sensory island experience of sun, sea and the stars.

High ceilings, windows and huge doors of terraces are common features one shouldn’t miss when choosing the tropical theme

Ventilation is necessary factor hence design your luxury villa with open spaces and native timber details. Chose polished concrete surfaces when selecting headboards, sofa bases and wet area linings.

Design a majestic opulent living room with extensive dimensions for letting all the comfortable items to fit in. High ceiling can be a wonderful way to achieve excellence; however scale it down by the use of palm trees, sleek drapery and long chandeliers.

Soft gold and blue color combination for wallpapers and flooring can revive the essential beach feeling. Design a casual sitting area to listen to the natural and soothing beach sounds.

Achieve a timeless look through floral textures contrasted with the natural and earthly colors of the world. You can even accessorize your room with tropically-renowned features like sea shells or stones for adding a coastline feel.

Place an elegantly comfortable white sofa and complement its look with an African coffee table. A rustic rocking chair can simply be a wonderful way to embellish the room’s splendor.