Traditional Country Kitchen Design Ideas

The traditional feel is reflected on the country kitchen design ideas. People love to enjoy homey and cozy look in the cooking area since you can use it as a gathering space. The people who call themselves as nature lovers will find it special to have a country kitchen.

Compared to modern or even contemporary kitchen, It is adorned by using intricate and ornate furniture made in white colored or even light brown accent. The color used in the wall can be in warm accent. You can use brick red, orange and sunny yellow. If you love with natural view, you can opt for the earthy colors like tan, taupe, brown and yellow.

Combining color will be great for it can eliminate the boring effect. You can paint the wall in country kitchen design ideas with sage green. The accessories and home color can be in brown accent. The vases, frames wallpaper, and pots in the cooking area usually feature flower ornaments. The material used to make the furniture and other decorative elements should be inspired by the look of nature. The furniture pieces can be made from wood.

You can place wooden chairs with rectangular table for the eating area. If you want to entertain some guests in the kitchen, you have a small couch. It can make them comfortable when waiting for you to cook. Turn the attention on the flooring treatment. You can install hardwood floor in finished look. The shade of wood should be similar with the shade of the furniture pieces. To achieve the country look on the window, you can hang a lace curtain. It can be made in white color. When you want to have extra storage space, you can set some baskets under the kitchen island. Installing wall shelves can be a nice decoration in the country kitchen design ideas.

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