Wine Cellars

Traditional Bar Designs

The Traditional Bar Designs incorporate bars within the kitchen because generally this theme is unknown to the separate notion of bar. Mediterranean bar design which could be situated just beside the floor to ceiling glass windows would look extremely eclectic yet elegant.

With beaded chandelier hanging at the top and a fluffy feathery multicolored rug situated at the bottom; a cohesive environment is generated. A Polaroid mirror just beside your bar could add such precise brilliance which no one else could ever have thought of.

Tennis racket mirror is an amazingly unique fixture when added in triplets; with one being large while the rest of the small two mirrors being symmetrically arranged beside it could give the bar a taste of playfulness and liveliness.

Luxurious bar designs are often the notion of traditional designs where in conventional terms many felt it an honor to opulently design it to show it to their business partners.

Golden accents mingled with cream hue could be incorporated in the bar front and pillars. Also a double glass chandelier at the top and wall sconces situated just beside the bar pillars could complement the beautiful theme. Cutwork stools or an armchair makes a dramatic comeback when it comes to the traditional bars.

A picnic type table just between your kitchens is a wonderful way of ensuring that your children find it perfectly fine to dine in with you before their bedtime; while you could enjoy some drinks when they are asleep.

It can further be embellished with the beauty of a patterned rug below and fire lighting above.