Top Shower Storage Designs

When designing your shower, you want to consider different things, such as amount of shower heads, size of shower head, size of shower, tiles, levers, drainage, and positioning. But one crucial part of designing a shower that many people forget is including a space to place your soaps and shampoos. Then you have to go and get hanging baskets or standing contraptions that may take up more space and be less comfortable in your shower.

Here are some sleek shelving designs that make your shampoo beautiful:


1. Inset Wall Shelves

2. Seats inside your shower

3. Hanging metal contraptions that are built into the wall


4. Protruding shelves

5. Deep inset baths with space around the edges for placement

6. Reachable, Out-Of-Bath Storage

7. Combinations!



We hope that you consider these ideas so that your showering experience in your new home is as magnificent as it should be.