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Top Interior Design Trend: Monochromatic

While home designers spend countless hours and energy on inventive pattern and color combinations, sometimes the most simple pairings pack the most punch. The monochromatic look is on the rise in this year, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

This monochromatic purple living room is absolutely elegant. Even the artwork fits the color scheme, and blends perfectly into the overall style. Notice that the chairs are all different, but work perfectly together because of the overall theme.

Light greens and blues are excellent color choices when going for the monochromatic look, as they are extremely soothing. This sea green bedroom looks calm and inviting. Even the backboard of the bed has a slight green tint.Take a risk with a bold color like yellow. This mustard-themed room incorporates a lot of small accents that add to the over all style, including the bold painting. If you’re going for yellow, make sure to choose a somewhat subdued color, as a brighter hue might overwhelm the space.

All white is a great look for bedrooms, as it gives the room that crisp, clean feel that is refreshing to wake up to in the morning. Incorporate a few light nudes and creams to avoid an asylum-looking bedroom.

Black is an elegant color that adds class to any room you incorporate it into. Decorate your entire room in black for a beautiful and dramatic style.