Top Floor Trends

Incorporate your Floors with flooring options because no matter what, keeping in touch with trends is the new style of today. The 2014 trends have calls for more convenience and ideas within affordability.

Vinyl will become extremely popular while its choices for resilient flooring would increase in terms of textures, colours and patterns. Its ability to mimic high-quality products like hardwood and tumbled marble would make it high in demand and perfect fit in kitchen and bathrooms.

Carpeting would still remain a major shareholder in the trends because of its contribution to traditional, eclectic and at time even eccentric themes.

With layering options being top most designs to promote a feeling of gypsy lifestyle being complemented with colourful poufs, beaded accessories and pendant lightings.

As the world is moving towards the general notion of keeping the earth safe; the 2014 trends calls for green flooring. Non-toxic cork, anti-bacterial and antimicrobial flooring would certainly be the way many of the floors will be engineered.

Tarkett fiber flooring is the new type of linoleum which if fitted in the kitchens could call for brilliance even in the extremely tough and rough situations. Its durability is without any doubt matchless. Your bathroom flooring ideas in the upcoming year would call for functionality together with aesthetic approach.

Waterproof flooring like the Corian solid surfaces is the sparkling new design to try; non-porous, stain-resistant and anti-bacterial features are incorporated within such brilliant floor.