Top Bedroom Collection

The Top Bedroom Collection also has the extremely serene and elegant color palette of pearl white, cream and black. A graceful nightstand mirror with white bed sheets and black printed cushions could create a sense of whimsical like never before.

Silk drapery over European inspired walls and an extremely comfortable armchair beside it could create an undeniable soothing effect. Your bedroom collections call for the notion of smart storage spaces.

A space under the bed has always been the focal point for mothers and maids to hide all the clutter of the room; however use that space for organized customary drawers that glide for maximum convenience.


Cool woven baskets or a sleepover extra mattress is another smart move for creating utilitarian bedroom designs.

Bedroom collection maintains the level of sophistication within the room by the use of an upholstered window cornice, antique chair and graceful headboard.

Texture and palette always guarantees a cheerful and liveliness atmosphere within your room. Light mocha on the trim, stool cushions, white linen on drapery is another feature which would be widely known for designs.

The top bedroom designs take note of the fact; that ceilings shouldn’t be left white like traditionally but rather should be custom made and coloured to achieve functionality. A tray ceiling lined with beaded board could take the room to new heights making the space feel more enlarged.