Living Room

Top 5 Ways To Modernize Your Living Room

There are so many different styles of interior design, so many different doctrines, and so many options and ways to go about it. But that also means there are so many ways to get confused and go wrong. In this post we have compiled a list of tips to keep your living room sleek, chic, and up to date with the Contemporary Styles of 2014.


1. Keep It Simple

2. Metal and Glass – Look for furniture that is clean and straight edged

3. Solid Colors – usually colors such as black, white, and grey are popular. But recently, it has become trendy to place color accents in the room. So go for bold colors, but solid. Here is an example:


4. Unique Accents – Put in a unique piece of art to help give the room a special “modern art” touch. This could be a coffee table place holder, a painting on the wall, or a unique lamp. Patterns and colors are welcome in smaller items such as images, accents, pillows, and rugs

5. Lots of Space – Keep clutter to a minimum.

Hopefully by following these guidelines, you will design a classy, elegant and chic living room that will awe all of your guests.