Dining Room

Top 5 Statement Dining Room Design Trends

If you’re looking to spice up your dining space, look to one of these trends to give your dining room an interesting touch. Dare to go bold with a statement dining room.

A key element of dining room design is the lighting fixture. Instead of classic drop lights or chandeleirs, try something a little more unique. Fixtures can be fashioned out of virtually anything. A lightig fixture made out of different materials such as candles, or stained glass, will give your space an interesting look.

For a simple look, go all the way with a rustic dining room. The unfinished wood and simple design will make you feel like you’re dining outside at every meal, as well as give your room a laid-back and inviting feel.

Super-size your dining room with statement accessories. From over-sized wall art, mirrors to lighting fixtures, adding a large statement piece into the space will certainly draw attention, and give your room a playful punch.

A classic, elegant dining room is always a go to. Incorporate materials such as velvet and crystals to give your space a glamorous touch. Mirrored furniture and walls will also give your room a dramatic but classy look.

While traditionally benches haven’t been associated with formal dining rooms, communal seating is making a splash this season. In addition to saving space, benches add an intimate feel to any dining experience.