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Top 5 Most Popular Iconic American Home Design Styles

Housing styles around the globe are as varied as the countries themselves. American homes have iconic styles that make them oh so popular. These home styles simply breathe the red white and blue.

1. Colonial: When America was first founded with 13 colonies, the design style of the majority of the homes at the time was termed ‘colonial’, and the style hasn’t faded. These homes are characteristically two-story with a front porch of some sort, and detailed wood-working.

2. Tudor: Tudor homes can be found in older neighborhoods in America, they are reminiscent of European Medieval homes in England. Dormer windows, steeped roof lines, and half timbering facades are all characteristic of Tudor homes.  A tudor home will have you feeling like you’re living in a story book.

3. Victorian: The Victorian style is also borrowed from English Architecture. Victorian homes have French detail around the windows. Shingles and turrets are also characteristic of this style.

4. Log Cabin/ Rustic: While early log cabins were located in rural areas in America, today, log cabins are becoming a staple all over. While they were once modest dwellings, today log cabins are among some of the most expensive homes there are.

5. Ranch: One of the most recognizable styles of American homes is the ranch home. Ranch style homes are one story, and include the “great room” floor plan concept. The ranch style home is a representation of suburban living at its finest.