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Top 5 Living Room Color Trends

Whether warm or cool, this year is going to be a very colorful year. Incorporate color into your living room with accessories, furniture, or paint to liven up your living space.

Blue will continue to dominate with all different shades of blue becoming popular for living rooms this upcoming season. Whether light blue, teal, or turquoise, incorporating one of these hues into your living room will add a cool touch.

With the growing interest in sustainability and nature, its no wonder that green is on the rise. Green tones will give your living room a calming and relaxed vibe.

When it comes to orange both bright and muted hues will be popular. All of these fiery hues will add an immense amount of energy to your living room. Choose a bright hue to liven up your space, or a muted one to give your living room a warm feel.

Don’t shy away from pink because of its feminine reputation. This trendy color will be found in homes of all genders this season. Look to a bright fuchsia to add modern pops of color to your room, or stick to a cooler hue for a more classic look. Even just one pink accent will add a quirky edge to any living space.

Yellow will continue to add bright accents to living rooms this season, as it has in the past. You can expect green-yellow to be replaced with sunny undertones of yellow that will certainly cheer up any room.