Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends

The kitchen is the most expensive room in the house to build, so do it right. From contemporary to classic looks, to a combination of the two, these design trends will have your kitchens looking their part.

It’s all about the high contrast with a black and white kitchen. The appeal of this simple style never dies. Pair it with hardwood floors to soften the look.

Gone are the days when kitchens were just kitchens, now kitchens are decorated as much as any other room of the house. Try a destination kitchen to give your cooking space a unique style.

For a classic look, turn to farmhouse flair. Achieve this look with an apron-front sink. On top of adding a focal point to the kitchen, they also are highly practical. Deep enough to hold large pots and platters, these sinks allow for much easier cleanup.

Mix old with new for a contemporary combo. This look is both easy to achieve and highly unique. Either go for an overall unfinished and antique look and add a few stainless steel pieces to give it a new touch, or look to a modern kitchen with a few antique pieces placed in.

Whether you’re a chef or not, you certainly can have the kitchen of one. Top-notch professional looking kitchens are becoming more and more prevalent in regular homes. Stainless steel counter tops and back drops immediately produce this look. Add an island for extra space and a large deep sink, and prepare your chef’s hat.