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Top 15 Modern Bedroom Accents

Contemporary design trends are on the rise for 2014. Use one of these modern accents to bring your bedroom from the past to the present.

A quick and easy way to modernize any bedroom is with architectural light fixtures. The simple geometric designs of these fixtures immediately add a noticeably contemporary touch.

Metallic tones add a cool contemporary feel to your bedroom. Bring in some metallic hints with accessories like pillows, bedding, or curtains. Or make a bold statement with metallic paint.

Fur is one of the most popular modern design trends of 2014. All it takes is one fur or faux fur accent to give your bedroom a completely contemporary spin. Make sure to keep it minimal, because too much could take your look from sleek to tacky.

Floor to ceiling glass walls add a tremendously dramatic modern edge to your bedroom. With these walls you can keep your other accessories sparse, as the scenery outside the bedroom will be all the accessories you need. Experience the outdoors even from the comfort of your own bed.

While many contemporary design trends are often considered cold, install an artificial fireplace for a modern touch while keeping your bedroom warm at the same time. These fireplaces are both attractive and functional, and are sure to impress.

The industrial feel of cement walls are sure to give your bedroom a contemporary look. Mix it with other contemporary accents such as fur pillows to keep your bedroom warm at the same time.