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Top 12 Unique Fireplaces

Sunday, September 22nd 2013. | BathroomDining RoomHome DesignLiving RoomOutdoor

The Fireplace has become a centerpiece of Living Room Design in many homes. Over time, people have become more creative with their designs. Fireplaces have become modernized, and then returned back to the industrial era, or have attempted to bring back the traditional style. Here are some of the more unique fireplaces we have seen lately.


12. Discrete  Inset Wall Fireplace:

11. Mosaic Designs Fireplace:

10. Outdoor Modern Long Fireplace:

9. The Contemporary Orange Industrial Corner fireplace:

8. The Modernized Industrial Fireplace: Check out this metallic, industrial style fireplace that is hanging in the middle of the room!

7. The Full Wall Metallic Fireplace:

6. The Central Glass Fireplace:

5. The Vertical Bathtub Fireplace – A Fireplace over the bathtub is already somewhat unique. These designers stepped it up by making a vertical fireplace that is inset into a cupboard!

In general, Fireplaces placed in Bathrooms are Unique…

4. The Center of the Room Fireplace with a Modern Art Chimney:

(There is even storage space underneath for firewood!)


3. The Caveman Fireplace:

Here is a Flintstone-style Fireplace too!


2. The Couch Fireplace – a fireplace with a continuing couch on both sides.

1. The Campfire Fireplace:


These twelve were picked out of a collection of many more beautiful, interesting, and entertaining Fireplace designs! From outdoor to indoor to dining roombedroom, living room, and even bathroom locations. Check out our gallery to discover many more ideas.