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Top 10 Galley Kitchen Designs

This year, Galley Design was voted the most useful for Kitchens! Here are the Top Ten Galley Kitchen Designs of 2014


1. Galley Kitchens tend to be narrow, so the white kitchen is a good pick, to make it seem less crowded.

2. Another popular design is the light wood and green glass design.

3. The all wood modern design is a great choice for a galley kitchen, mixing utility and warmth.

4. In this Galley Kitchen, the designers utilize all the wall space, including the closed wall side.

5. A Color Galley Kitchen can make a kitchen unique and fun.

6. The Black Galley Kitchen is chic.

7. These Galley Kitchen owners put a comfortable corner at the end of their kitchen.


8. These designers used the length of their galley kitchen to add a bar at the end of their counter space.

9. Here the Galley Kitchen includes a well placed window.

10. In a Galley Kitchen, you can use the design for maximum storage place and even place some bookshelves at the edges, like in this kitchen:



If your house has a Galley Kitchen you’re looking into redoing, you should definitely browse some more through our photo gallery for more inspirational ideas.