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Top 10 Funkiest Bathrooms

Here are some of the funkiest bathrooms around! These designers definitely had some creative juices flowing when they designed these!

1.  This shower head that is really a waterfall-like slit in the wall gives a natural vibe in a unique way.

2. This bathroom is right out of a Disney Princess movie! What wealthy girl wouldn’t want this dreamy gold bathroom, with chandelier, plush circular seat, powder corner, and  golden Mirror Mirror on the Wall included!

3. If the above princess bathroom was not castle enough for you, check out this medieval themed rustic restroom:

4. This bath is so deep set, it’s like you are stepping into hot natural springs. It even has the large glass window and wooden walls to make the room seem natural.

5. This gaudy bathroom is one of a kind.

6. This unique shower, dropping rain-like water on you with no separation from the closely set bathroom is a strange and interesting new shower design.

7. This bathroom is very simple and clean. The bowl like bath is unique, and the shower coming straight down from the ceiling creates an interesting showering experience. The red lights underneath add an extra edgy vibe to the whole room.

8. This shower almost seems like a play room with its wavy, slide shaped seat!

9. How is the water not spilling everywhere?? This clear glass bath is very cool and makes for underwater viewing! But you definitely need to clean it well to keep the effect going and make it look good.

10. This mosaic tiki hut style bathroom, with the disco ball, was passed around our office and brought shock, interest, and double takes to everyone. We had to share with our readers!


Check out some more fun bathroom design ideas in our photo gallery below.