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Top 10 Candy-Colored Chandeliers!

Normally, chandeliers scream elegance. These unique and colorful chandeliers happen to scream both elegance and fun. These chandeliers are statement pieces that will liven up your home design.

1. Bold red is an elegant choice if you’re looking for a colorful chandelier. Notice how it picks up the red accents in the two standing chairs. The overall white design of the room allows the red to shine.2. Pink is a fun choice when it comes to colorful chandeliers. This color looks great paired with orange.

3. This translucent blue chandelier is dainty and beautiful. It isn’t the focal point of the room, and rather serves just as an accent to the other blue design.

4. A chartreuse chandelier is absolutely electric. Pair this chandelier with white and black for a modern retro vibe.

5. Try a purple chandelier for a sweet look. Placed in a yellow room, the chandelier is sure to stand out.6. Why not try a chandelier that’s both an interesting color, and an interesting shape? This beaded spherical chandelier is both gorgeous and an eye-catcher.

7. For a really wild look, try a blown glass chandelier that incorporates lots of colors. The funky shape of the chandelier is unique. Even though the chandelier is in a corner, we’re sure it receives all the attention that it deserves.

8. Here’s another purple chandelier, but this one is a little bit more bold. It also combines pink accents at the top. Notice how the chandelier works perfectly in colorful rooms.

9. This glass-blown chandelier may be composed of subdued colors like blue and green, but nonetheless, its way over the top. A chandelier like this works best in an all white room, so it’s the only design element in the spotlight.

10. We love this turquoise beaded chandelier. It packs a mighty fun punch, but looks absolutely gorgeous in this crisp, and fresh living area.