Tiny Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Tiny Bedroom Decorating Ideas – Even if your bedroom is not so wide, you can still make it to be beautiful and livable. Ideally, the bedroom has a quite spacious space. Thus, this very private area can provide real privacy with a high level of comfort. But if “wide” is a word you don’t have in your bedroom, you don’t need to be discouraged. Within the limitation, you can still make it beautiful and comfortable.


Here are some tips on arranging your tiny bedroom in order to make it feel more spacious :

The bed position
It is more convenient when the bed is placed in the middle of the room. So that we can freely get out of bed to the left or right. Cleaning under the bed is also so much easier when the bed position is in the middle of the room.
But for a small-sized bedroom, there is no harm if we place the bed against the wall, then we can put a table across the bed. Leave some space between the two objects to the window. No matter how small your room is, you must still provide space for windows.

Wall hangings
It seems to be a must for some people to put the wall hangings in the bedroom. Usually, the selected decoration is paintings or photos of the owner of the room in large size. However, the tiny room may feel more crowded due to the presence of such interior ornaments.
If you prefer to maintain a small impression of your room, try to use small wall hangings as well. The small wall hangings will make the area of the wall look more spacious.

If you are not happy with the size of little ornaments, you can put larger ornaments, by integrating wallpaper on one side of the walls. So the wall is decorated without being seen more narrow.

Small dressing table
The presence of a dressing table in the bedroom is no less important to the side tables. Especially, if the room owner is a woman. The dressing table is not necessarily large. The important thing is you can do the makeup sufficiently and make sure that you have a good look before you get out of the bedroom or even out of the house.

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