The Urban Home Tropical Garden Concept

The tropical garden concept doesn’t only add the aesthetic look of an exterior part of a house, it also improves the health of the home occupants, and even the surrounding neighborhood.

Yes, one important element that supports the creation of harmonization of a house is the green element. It’s undeniable that the limited land availability, especially the urban space is a major issue to have such a beautiful garden at home. But, don’t worry, there is always a solution to have a small garden at the heart of the home. Especially, for those of you who live in the tropical region, a tropical garden concept at home will relieve all the stress and hectic caused by the daily urban activity.

Here are three elements that can be applied to create a tropical garden concept beautify our homes in the middle of an urban area :

1. The right plants for the right garden

You may have created a long list containing all the kinds of plants you’d plant in your tropical garden concept. However, you have to thoroughly look at the garden space availability. Therefore, sort out and select the right plants that have real impact to the house and the home occupants. For example, impossible to plant a tree, replace it with flowers and some small tropical plants that have good fragrances or colors.

2. The path to nowhere

Although the space is limited, but you still have to make the path, so that we can enjoy the entire tropical garden concept without stepping the plants or grass. The path can be made from paving block or natural stones.

3. Element of water

Create a small fish pond or tiny fountain in the middle of the tropical garden concept as the focal point of the garden. Therefore, in addition getting “entertained” by many kinds of plants and flowers, your hearing will also be indulged by the gurgling water.

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