The Small Home Garden Design Plans

Small home garden design always has its own charm. Because a small garden is easier to maintain and easily able to adapt to all kinds of home designs. Beside that, we can’t just choose any plant as we like due to the space limitation. Therefore, we need to carefully plan on selecting the kind of plants to be planted in such a small garden.


Here are some tips to simplify you on planning a small home garden design and everything that’s put in it :

The budget
So, why is this in the first place? Because this is something that really needs to be considered in a small home garden design. The cost of a garden in such a small space seems cheap, but it could be more expensive than you think it is. Don’t forget about the budget for the soil. Not to mention if the plants you want is one of the expensive specimen plants. Yet there are still ways to solve it, which is to design your garden gradually, which may take a few years.


The existing plants
Except the tree, it is usually easier to get rid of the existing plants rather than designing or arranging the plants around them. It would be better if you’d complement the existing plants with a favorite tree to add the aesthetic value of the small home garden design. If that happens, you have to be very disciplined with yourself.

A small home garden design still needs to have a balance. The practical rule of a small home garden design limit is not less than 1/3 of the plant’s length.

The suitable plants
Create a list of all the plants that are suitable for the climate of your home region. Don’t forget to check all the plants that have a good texture or color in order to embellish your small home garden design. Sort them out until just a few which will perfectly be fit your small garden area.

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