The Simple Home Garden Ideas

simple home garden in a simple home design creates a harmony wrapped in a simplicity and practicality of a small space housing. A small and simple home garden can absolutely make the house look more beautiful and classy, as long as you know the tricks.

Creating a home garden is tricky. Therefore, many people entrust the construction of the garden on a landscape designer. However, if you would like to be creative and willing to leave time to learn, you can really make a beautiful yet simple home garden.

Before creating a simple home garden, you have to firstly adjust the concept of the garden with the concept of your home. Because the harmony will give nothing but beauty and perfection. For example, if the house is minimalist, then create a garden with the same concept.

Determine the contours of the simple home garden’s land should also be taken into account. And, this is the next trick you should apply. Do you want a garden that has a hill-like contoured, normal contoured (flat), multilevel, or variations contoured? But remember, all of them should fit your needs and the available space.

The next step might be the most exciting part in creating a simple home garden, which is choosing the plants. First, you have to adjust the plants to the garden concept. If you choose the tropical garden, then you can choose big plants like banana trees or palm trees, while for the minimalist garden is otherwise. Beside that, you also have to choose the plants that suit the weather to optimize the growth of the plants.

Beautiful Flower Home Garden Ideas

Once you’ve done buying all the needed plants, the next step, which is the most crucial part for the sustainability of the garden’s beauty, is the maintenance. An intensive care is extremely necessary, especially for the fresh planted plants. You have to note which plants that need water the most which are not. You can also use the sprinkle irrigation system that is practical and can also enhance the beauty to your simple home garden.

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