Home Design

The Return Of Wallpaper

Once considered passé, wallpaper is making a comeback, and it’s nothing like what you remember seeing on your grandmother’s walls. This season wallpaper is in, and its bolder and better than ever!

Give your rooms some dimension with textured wall paper. Available in all types of colors and designs, this type of paper will add a tremendous amount of interest to your walls. For that reason, textured wall paper is excellent in small spaces.

For those new to wallpaper, geometric wallpaper is the place to start, as it’s arguably the most common wallpaper trend to date. The geometric patterns mirror current popular fabric design, making it easy to tie the wallpaper in to the style of your living space.

Metallic wallpaper is a great way to update your walls. The shimmer and reflective quality of the paper will leave your walls eye-catching. Choose a wallpaper with a more delicate pattern to keep your room looking classy and elegant.

Looking for a fresh wallpaper idea? Try an old one: toile. Over the years the French toile pattern has stayed fashionable, and it remains so today. Give the look an update by using a toile in an interesting color, such as pink.

If you’re feeling truly courageous, take the wallpaper look all the way with a bold wallpaper. You can do so with either the color or pattern choice. And don’t shy away from bold colors in small spaces, it can be striking!