The Office Furniture Arrangement Ideas

The office furniture ideas are basically the same as the furniture design for a small interior, which both have to overcome the limited space problem. The office furniture arrangement is principally expected to to get along with the ergonomic aspect, the aesthetic aspect, and we can also include with Feng Shui principle.

The ergonomic aspect is required in order to accommodate a comfort in the working activity which is proven by the ease of movement of the body and the flow of the phases of work. Beside that, the ergonomic aspect is meant to make the work more efficient, faster, and better in result. Because this is the main purpose to actualize the office furniture ideas.

To further clarify, there are some tips and tricks to arrange a better office furniture ideas in your office:

1. Desk
Put your office desk in the direction of the light. If you are a left-handed, customize a desk with drawers on the left, and put all the stationeries on the left side of the table. Vice versa for you that is not left-handed.

2. Chair
Avoid placing the chair facing the wall or the window. Because it will reduce the fatigue of hours of the work process.

3. Filing cabinets
Filing cabinets are put in an-easy-to-reach spot. It’s recommended to place the cabinet a bit far from the desk in order to provide a free space in between. Don’t place the cabinet near the door, so that it doesn’t interfere the people that enter the room.

4. Computer
Although the computer is not a furniture, but it has become an important office “furnishing”. The computer has a great energy of your work performance. That’s why, put the computer on a desk with the position as comfortable as possible. Beside that, it’s recommended to use LCD/LED monitor. In addition to its slim design, it doesn’t tire the eyes when it’s operated for hours.

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