The Most Inexpensive Luxurious Kitchen


The most luxury kitchen influences the creativity in cooking and making dishes to the family. Because the atmosphere that feels in such a kitchen concept will simply affect the housewives, or whoever that’s in there, to create a more creative dishes, so that the entire atmosphere cration inside the house will be positive.

However, creating the most luxurious kitchen doesn’t always have to cost much, it can also be done in a cheap way.

Here are some ideas that can be applied to actualize the most luxurious kitchen :

1. The Shiny factor

First step is by integrating “shiny elements” into the kitchen fixtures like the cabinets, the tiles, and the other kitchen equipments. By applying this method, you can simply have the first level of the most luxurious kitchen. Specifically, the shini factor here means, the metallic material or the material that can reflect light. For example, choose ceramic tile due to its capability of reflecting light. Meanwhile, you can add metallic materials to the kitchen furniture hardware, like the knobs, handles, or hinges.

2. The Ceramic Sink

Compared to using a stainless steel sink, the classic ceramic sink is specially designed to reflect the most luxurious kitchen. In addition to the flexibility in appearance, the ceramic sink is best suited for heavy work in the kitchen.

3. The presence of pantry

Nowadays, the pantry is like a must-have furniture in the modern kitchen. Off course, its presence is very functional and simplifying the acitivity in the kitchen. Therefore, there’s no wrong if you apply a pantry to beautify your most luxurious kitchen.

4. The dramatical finishing

Choose backsplash color and texture that has a very contrasting color with the kitchen cabinets. This can create a vibrant feel and of course another step to actualize the most luxurious kitchen.

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