The Modern Chinese-Themed Bedroom Design

Modern Chinese-themed bedroom can convert an ordinary atmosphere in a bedroom into a the most exciting bedroom nuance ever created. Because the Chinese interior design always presents a distinctive feel that the western interior design doesn’t have.

Yes, the modern Chinese-themed bedroom is the improvement of the common cultural Chinese interior design that’s widely applied by homeowners in all around the world. By adjusting the typical Chinese bedroom design with the latest trend of interior design, you’ll get nothing but perfection in your resort-like bedroom.

Luxury Chinese-Themed Bedroom Design

So, how do we start to bring this modern chinese-themed bedroom into life? It’s simple. There are three fundamental steps in creating such a bedroom concept; the coloring, the furniture, and the accessories. Let us begin.

The Coloring

As the most basic element in the interior design, the coloring element plays a crucial role to present the desirable atmosphere or theme, especially to present a modern Chinese-themed bedroom. The Chinese interior design usually uses bright colors like red and gold as the base color. But, given we will adjust it with the modern design which prioritizes cleanliness and openness in the interior, we have to set the neutral tones as the base color, while red or gold become the accent color inserted into the furniture and upholsteries.

The furniture

The Chinese furniture design is usually characterized by the material selection and the finishing touch. The mahogany and walnut are the common furniture materials, while the lacquered work is the main finishing touch. You can still present these characteristics to make a modern Chinese-themed bedroom. But, avoid having the complicated-detailed furniture.

The accessories

The last element is the interior sweetener. The modern Chinese-themed bedroom is recommended to use the typical Chinese accessories made of natural resources like bamboo. You can integrate it as the draperies or the tablecloth.

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