The Minimalist Home Bathroom Concept Ideas

The minimalist home concept might be the most popular home interior concept today due to its simplicity and efficiency in its design. These two elements are the priorities for the urban homeowners in the housing concept, and The minimalist interior design fulfills all the urban society demands.

One of the rooms in the house that is pretty rare to be touched by the minimalist home concept is the bathroom. Because, many people think, the bathroom isn’t as seen as the other rooms in the house like the living room, dining room, or kitchen. However, it’s still important to make your bathroom beautified by the minimalist design in order to present the cleanliness inside the bathroom.
Here are some tips for you to design your bathroom with the minimalist home concept ;

The color selection.

The coloring is always the first to discuss when it comes to the minimalist home concept. The neutral tones are the best option for the minimalist home concept, including the bathroom interior. The white or gray might be the best color to be the bathroom’s base color. As an accent color, you can integrate a bright color through the application of backsplashes and the bathroom furnishings.


When it comes to the modern bathroom in minimalist home concept, the application of backsplash is mandatory. Beside giving protection to the wall, it also beautifies the bathroom interior. You can apply the ceramic or granite tile as the backsplash material. Both tile materials has its own texture, but if you have a small bathroom space, you can go with the ceramic because it can reflect light which can help create a more spacious space.

The area separation

The modern bathroom is widely applied the area separation; the wet and dry area. This can help you optimize the cleanliness in the minimalist bathroom.

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