The Latest Kitchen Counter Top Trends

The days of basic formica and laminate kitchen counter tops are gone. Now, homeowners can choose from a huge assortment of diverse surface materials from wood to stainless steel, so your counter top will perfectly fit your overall kitchen aesthetic.

Choose a wooden counter top to instantly warm up your kitchen. Wooden counter tops are easy to clean, and scratches can be easily sanded out. Just oil them occasionally to keep them looking fresh.

For a funky look, add a pop of color with your counter top to immediately brighten your space. Choose a color like yellow or green for an energetic flare, or look to blue or green for a calming effect.

For a counter top that is both highly practical and attractive, stainless steel may be the right choice. Easy to clean, heat proof, and very hard to damage, stainless steel can take the wear and tear of daily use with ease. Its clean and reflective appearance will make your kitchen look like it was built for a professional.

Make a design statement with a glass kitchen counter top. Whether translucent, colored, or smooth, glass counter tops add an elegant element to any kitchen. Install lighting underneath for an added artistic flair. Glass counter tops will leave your kitchen light and airy.

When it comes to stone counter tops the choices are endless. While the spotted, granular look of granite has been popular in the past, stone with a veined appearance is the trend of the new season.