Home Design

The Interior Of This House Will Blow Your Mind

From the exterior, this may just look like an average house, but what’s waiting inside is sure to leave you stunned…

This quaint, white, cottage-style home is bursting at the seems with bright and vibrant colors. The owner of the home, who happens to be an artist, crafted custom wallpaper out of fed-ex boxes, and then painted them for a unique touch.

Every single corner of this home is colorful and exciting. Wooden beams balance out this saturated orange-pink bedroom color.

Brightly colored paper lanterns dangling above the informal eating area, and complement the brightly painted chairs.The hand-painted stairwell adds a personal touch. Notice that even the stairs themselves are painted, and in a color very similar to the chartreuse wall color.

The home’s reading nook is fun and inviting, with books piled in shelves on either side, and beautiful, colorful embroidered pillows.

Small touches of color in places with neutral walls keep the vibrant theme burning throughout the entire home.

The home owner has painted interesting furniture in electric colors like bold magenta to make the pieces even more interesting. Notice that the designer has also drawn in the color of the sideboard in the painting on the right for a cohesive look.

The home art and knitting studio is sure to boost your creativity with a rainbow checkered floor and saturated painted furniture.