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The Greatest Wallpaper Designs

Wallpaper seemed to have become a thing of the past…and now it’s coming back! And we are happy about it! There are so many different ways to use wallpaper to your advantage.

It can fit a theme, it can brighten up a room – It’s like painting a wall a bright color, but with a design as well! You can cover all the walls with it, half the walls with it, or just one wall. You can go with a contemporary design, or a paisley old fashioned; a light colored design, or a dark one.  It really depends on the room and the look you are going for. Here are some great examples:


1. This designer gave the room an interesting dark twist with this black and grey forest wallpaper, but kept the room bright and sparkly with the disco ball.

2. Bright Colors on one wall of a room can be a great way to brighten up a room with a little more character than just a painted wall.


3. This individual made their room warmer but putting dimming lamps with wood imitation wall paper.


4.  The wallpaper in this bedroom is discrete due to its light colors, but unique because it gives the room some texture.


5. One decision you must make when applying wallpaper is how much of the walls you would like to cover. This designer chose a quiet design that allows for full wall coverage without being overpowering.



6. Wallpaper can be discrete but still add a little something special to the room. Check out this white wallpaper design. It is classy and chic, yet gives the room a unique touch.

7. Metallic wallpapers are in this year. They can turn any bedroom into a palace.



8. This light green paisley wall paper blends well with the checkered curtains and wooden accents to give this room an old fashioned rustic touch.


9. We just loved the red accents and energy in this room design!


10. If your wallpaper is unique, it turns the whole room into something special. If you are very passionate about something, why not characterize your room with it and make it uniquely yours? Check out these examples below!