Home Design

The FUNNEST Color Combo: Pink And Orange!

This color combination is definitely not for the color-shy. If you’re willing to go bold with your color choice, give pink and orange a try. Pretty pinks with fun pops of orange will give your room distinct style.

Pink and orange when it comes to paint looks great in small spaces such as bathrooms. Here the paint is only pink, and orange is incorporated with accents.

A great way to incorporate the color combination in bedrooms, is with bedding. Find pillows in the colors to add even more flare to your room. The pink flowers tie the colors in together.

If you’re hosting a dinner party, a great way to spice up your design is with pink and orange place settings. Whether it be the plates, chairs, floral arrangements, or table cloths, there are endless ways to create a table setting with these colors.

You can also keep the color of your room neutral, and incorporate the colors with a carpet or furniture. Adding a few other accents in pink or orange will give your space a cohesive look.

Don’t fall for the stereotype that these colors are whimsical or childish. There are ways to create a room out of these colors that is elegant and chic. Use deeper hues of the colors, and rich fabrics in order to create that elegant look.