The Fundamental Elements In Making A Simple Garden

The simple garden is one of the aesthetic values to the beauty of the house. But, sometimes many homeowners prefer building more rooms in the space that should be meant for the home garden. Well, it’s very unfortunate, given the important role of the home garden to the health of the home occupants and also the surrounding environment. Therefore, from now on, try to convert an empty space in your home to be a simple home garden.

There are three fundamental elements to consider in making a simple garden, either in your backyard or front yard :

The condition of the soil and water absorption

To produce a good simple garden, a good soil condition is required. The soil can be categorized fertile if the humus level is high, making it easier to absorb the water. In big cities, the soil condition is usually not fertile enough, so that it needs a special treatment before making a home garden, which is by mixing the soil with the manure or compost.

The sunshine

This will affect the plant’s fertility condition in the simple garden. If the garden doesn’t get enough sunlight, you can choose the type of plants that has a shady character (don’t require too much sunlight). The direction of the sun is very important because it affects the plants photosynthetic process in your garden.

The plants

The plant selection is the last stage in the making a simple garden in your home. The plant selection can be adjusted to the garden theme or even the region’s climate where you live. For example, if you choose the tropical garden theme, you can use banana trees, papaya trees, orchids, Ferns, etc…

Those are three fundamental elements in making a simple garden in your home. It’s obvious that it’s so simple to make a home garden. What you need is just determination and patience. Because once you have a garden in your home, you’ll simply feel its benefits.

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