Home Design

The Dynamic Duo: Orange And Blue

Using two opposite colors on the color wheel, is a guaranteed burst of energy for your room, that will ALWAYS work no matter what style the room is. Choose orange and blue for a dynamic look that will never get old.

This bold color combo looks great in a modern setting because of the stark color contrast. Keep in mind, the colors don’t have to be bright to put off a modern vibe. Mixing muted versions of these two colors will give you the same look.

Orange and blue is also a great pair for patio furniture. Using bright turquoise and orange will give your outdoors a fun and summery vibe.

Using the colors in patterns and different fabrics such as velvet is an interesting way to utilize the two colors’ dynamism. You still will get an interesting style kick, however, it will be significantly more subtle.

Bright orange and blue accents accents against a white background make a bold statement. This look is great for a bedroom. Mix two bright hues of both of the colors for an even bolder statement.

Take the look all the way with an orange and blue hallway. Its best to try this if you have an expansive and well lit space, so the colors don’t become overwhelming. Also, try using slightly muted versions of the colors.