The Classic Modern Furniture Decorating Style Concept

The Classic modern decorating style offers an interior ambience that is so elegant, vibrant, and also attractive. It’s because the combination of the most sophisticated principal interior design concepts, the modern and the classical design, delivers such ambiences throughout the home interior that applies it.

Uniting the tastes of all family members in one house is not easy. Especially, if no one likes the classic style, while others like modern. Mixing these two contrasting styles not an impossible thing, but it’s kind of tricky. Don’t be afraid to look messy when you try mixing the classic modern decorating style. If you know the proper steps, your house will avoid the tacky impression.

1. Find the right items

Before bringing the furniture into the room, decide what kind of role that it will have in the overall design scheme. Is it going to be the focal point, or simply to complement other elements in the room? Just like a movie, the room also needs a strong role as the main character and a supporting role to unify the make the story work out. Ignore the label or brand objects. To combine the the classic modern decorating style, you need some objects that serve as a transition to bridge the gap between these two styles.

2. The harmony is the key

When merging classic modern decorating style, creating a harmony is the fundamental point. The key: the contrast. For example, pair a classic drawer by putting a modern-style vase. Place a pillow wrapped in a modern fabric design of the vintage sofa. To simplify this process, identify the style of the furnishings in a group, then use the supplementary objects to be used as the contrasting element. The harmony can also be created with the coloring, the pattern, and the texture.

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