Dining Room

The Bricks In The Dining Room And Fireplace Mantel

The bricks in the dining room can bring rustic and country feeling. It can be an eye catching element that you can use to attract the eyes of the viewers who come to make a visit in your house.


The brick design actually looks modern if you know the perfect way to decorate it. If you do not want to enjoy the full cover of brick wall, you can apply this material to decorate the fireplace area. A fireplace usually is applied in the living room, but you can also have it in the dining room to warm the people who eat their meals here.

The dining room will be cozier, warmer and more inviting by installing a nice fireplace made from brick. You just have to make the fireplace look enticing to carry interesting look with the overall decor. What you need to do is painting the wall around the fireplace area with new shade of color. You can choose the color to suit with red brick accent. You can go with blue, green, creamy and of white color. The bricks in the dining room of your fireplace can be accented in brown red or even red. Choose the one based on the good color combination. Then you can furnish the dining room with beautiful furniture pieces.

You can go with wicker chairs and a wooden dining table for country feeling. If you want to expose the shabby chic look, the white on white color paint on the furniture is good. When you like to decorate the mantle, I suggest you not to choose the garnish mantle since it can overpower the brick decoration. Choose the modern mantle with simple and easy design.

The bricks in the dining room will be nice if you can set some decors like keepsakes, collectible, and candles on the fireplace mantle.

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