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The Best Free 3D Home Design Software

Wouldn’t it be great if you could build a replica of your dream house?

Only a few years ago you would have to have hired an architect and settled for whatever sketch he or she came up with. This used to be costly and you would not always get exactly what you wanted.
Fortunately, these days are gone. Nowadays you can easily use our home 3D design software and become an architect – creating your dream house that perfectly fits your preferences has never been easier.

3D Home Design Software

Our Home Design Software easily allows you to replicate your house and then move “virtual” furniture around to make it fit exactly as you want it. There is nothing better if you want to redecorate your flat or rearrange your existing furniture in any room


The software gives you hundreds of furniture models that you can simply drag and drop into any room size or form. Easy categorization allows you to  quickly find what you are looking for.
You can re-create and customize the rooms in your house, specify the size of each room and even the thickness and texture of the walls, or any other detail that may impact your design.
I really like the fact that the home design software even allows you to do a 3D preview of your creation at any stage.

Download Home Design Software

Unbelievably, this software is available for FREE to download on our site now!


What are you waiting for? Download now and design your dream home like a professional!

FREE Home Design Software