The Baby Bedroom Color Design

The baby bedroom design is predicted to bring many new coloring applications which each of it has its potential function for the baby’s growth. Ahead of your baby’s arrival, you can start preparing everything pretty carefully by decorating a comfortable nursery for your little one. In decorating your baby’s room, there are some things that need to be considered, one of which is the use of color in your baby’s room.

Here are some guidelines of The color palette of baby bedroom design to present the right color for your baby’s room:

The warm tones


Red color has a strong color in baby bedroom design, that gives a lot of energy. However it’s not recommended to apply it as the base color, because it’s too bright bold. Therefore, you can insert this color into one side of your baby’s room walls or the furnishings.


The yellow color is actually quite often used to decorate the baby’s bedroom. But, the baby bedroom design re-includes yellow as one of the most popular colors for the next year. However, yellow is not suitable to be the dominant color of your baby’s room due to its very bright impression. You can use this color as the accent color in the bedroom accessories, like the bed sheet or carpet.

Cool tones


Blue might be one of the best colors in the baby bedroom design. This color is very soft, , and can create a comfortable and calm atmosphere that help your baby sleep. If you have a baby girl, the application of blue and pink could be such a feminine color palette.


Purple will be one of the most popular colors for the baby bedroom design. Purple is a relaxing color will completely support your baby to rest. It’s recommended to mix it with the other pastel colors like light green to get the best result.

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