Interior Design

Stylish Mirrors

Since you spend much about majority of the time in front of the Mirror; it’s wise enough to make the experience of watching yourself more comfortable and stylish. Wall mounted extendable mirrors are the loveliest creations of the Italian company that would create a storm in this year.

With its oval, glossy white framed mirror extended from the wall with flexible steel rods; one could change its position to any angle. Complementing this mirror with similar integration of materials like stainless steel upon the faucets and cabinets creates a contrasting and stylish image.

The stylish design of mounting your walls with “looking good mirrors” echoes trendy mirror designs. It is characterized by a funky shaped ray-ban mirror where you could look at yourself with complete stylish ease.

Creating drama within your home boundaries is the new aesthetic feature to abide by in this year. The circular fragmental beauty of the same year could be integrated with it; which could call for geometric wall mirror which could be mounted upon your bedroom wall or even the foyer.

It features sophistication and marvelous refectory qualities that could be a flawless mirror option.

The modern Chinese art mirrors reflects the Asian customary values; and is in growing popularity because of which many families have started to be inspired by its famous architectural elements.

The wide fan shaped mirror fitted upon your foyer could be a significant contribution to a stylish home interior.