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Stylish Curtains

Your Stylish Curtains complete your room’s aesthetic features. Whether they are modern panels, flowing sleek drapery or shades; stylish curtains can surely define the whole room and complement the beauty of the existing furniture.

You could achieve modern elegance by hanging straight curtains upon simple panels while keeping the hue contrasted like green on cream color integrated within wide stripes. This look surely embellishes the beauty of a room that is more like sun-room with a lot of plants and neutral color furniture.

Your traditional and conventional home style could have the embellishment of a royal cornice-and-drape window treatment which echoes the 18th century Victorian lifestyle. Chandeliers, giant patterned rugs and antiques placed upon the fireplace mantelpiece bring a charming personality to the whole area and complements the brilliant curtains.

Your feminine bedroom should have the palette of lush red or shocking pink hues; which when ornamented upon the windows brings a marvelous look.

Vibrant striped sheers with deep colored panels echoes the stylish lifestyle of the owners. The complete neat and clean yet stylish look of hanging bold draperies is through ring elements.

Black and white stripes is a risky feature to add, however if executed properly within minimalist furnishings could bring out a look like no other.

In a multiple window rooms, it is not necessary you have to religiously follow towards giving each and every treatment a same look. Have different patterns placed upon the same colour and bring a unified yet eclectic look in your kitchen space.