Wine Cellars

Stylish Bar Ideas

Let your basements be embellished with the beauty of retro styled and extremely Stylish Bar Designs which blows away the mind of your friends. A wooden cabinetry with an integrated aquarium in between complements the wonderfully illuminated bar in front of it.

High wooden polished stools complement the rest of the bar material while the placing of numerous bottles upon the giant table instead of a cabinet behind gives it a wonderful appearance.

Navy blue wallpaper that comes with pure white cabinetry could integrate an elegantly put bar design within the kitchens fold; with roman curved structures upon it and contrasting blue accents. This makes the whole kitchen look rather inviting and more than just a cooking space.

An extremely stylish basement could have the addition of billiard right beside the opulently lavish bar design. It features diagonal shape that fits into the corner with heavy kind of materials being used with glass.

Furthermore the bar itself could be the reflection of the modernity with its black and anthracite grey color palettes featuring technological advancements where automatic mixing and serving can occur without the need of any sort of bartender.

With low level white sofas and sleek glass tables placed along the wall and behind the actual bar could create whimsical mood within the atmosphere.

Pendant lighting with pure white cane upfront complemented by white stools could bring a look like no other. The dream bar designs incorporate a triangularly shaped room with high ceilings and zigzag laser lights being portrayed at night.