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Storage, Closets And Cabinets Design Ideas

Thursday, August 22nd 2013. | Storage Design

We all have way more stuff in houses then we like, but where to put it? Closets and Cabinets often overflow with things giving an untidy appearance to the whole room. Stairs, usually only linking floors can now be also utilized for effective storage.

Your stairs and the space around it can be used for in built-lockers and gliding drawers that can be a perfect way to hide seasonal items.

Shelving underneath the staircase can be a perfect for decorating accessories and keeping books. Closets overflow with shoes you love because they’re too lovely to be thrown away.Hang moldings near the ceiling for non-seasonal shoes. Cabinet storage facilities have raised its value because of its practical nature.

Organize your cabinet space by installing glides that’ll speak for its own efficiency. So don’t worry, now finding items you dumped years ago, wouldn’t be that difficult. Kitchen Cabinet designs shouldn’t only be elegant but should prove its functionality. Lately, bamboo cabinets have been a popular choice among the customers with brilliant features and sustainable value.

Bathroom storage can be a tricky business; however with clever thinking one can utilize space for allowing maximum bathroom supplies to be stored.

One can attach shallow caddies at the back of the cabinets for storing cleaning supplies. Stylish baskets and hanging bars can be an easy way for essential equipment to be placed.