Interior Design

Staircase Design Ideas

Staircases are a major architectural feature that turns a usual entryway into a sophisticated grand entrance.

By adding an exclusive staircase design, ornate railing and interesting materials, you can update the overall look of your house. However, when deciding hat staircase to install, your top consideration should be space.

You can install double-sided staircase s for large entryways or opt for straight or L shaped for smaller spaces. Secondly you need to consider the overall appearance keeping in mind your flooring and furniture. Oval or curved stairs offer a touch of elegance, while a spiral stairs is a more quirky.

Give a royal look to your staircases through a completely Victorian styled foyer decorated with antique embellishments.

A giant mirror framed with copper work, surrounded by photographs and a mantle price holding antiques could bring out a formal look. In order to complement this beauty, the perfect plan to go with is through adjusting an entrance stair with a curved elemental architecture with spiral folds in its railing stroked with matching copper artwork.

A utilitarian staircase design is what many customers would want! Storage ideas could be integrated within wooden staircases where you could accommodate your materials that otherwise were roaming around the house as clutter.

Even the staircase design which is extended between the living room, could comprehend the wonderful idea of holding items within its folds and even a inbuilt library can be created beside staircases